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Hans Rosenberg - The Three Of Us
"The Three Of Us" is an EP which features Hans Rosenberg as a composer and as a multi-instrumentalist.

Hans Rosenberg did everything himself on this EP: The songwriting, the recording, the performances. Everything except for the album cover (which was created by his son, David Rosenberg) and the mastering (which was done by his bass player, Jens Simonsen).

Below you will find:
1) A short video presentation of how The Three Of Us was made and the where it all came from.
2) Links to the EP and to the individual tracks.
3) A podcast from jakegreenblues about The Three Of Us.

The story behind "The Three Of Us":

Hans Rosenberg - The Three Of Us

1) David's Song
2) Phillip's Song
3) The Three Of Us

Written, recorded and performed by Hans Rosenberg.

Composer & Multi-Instrumentalist
(Guitars, Bass & Drums):

Hans Rosenberg

David Rosenberg

Creative Input:
Phillip Rosenberg

Mix & Mastering:
Jens Simonsen

Studio Gear:
Jake Green

Hans Rosenberg's "The Three Of Us" on Spotify:

Hans Rosenberg's "The Three Of Us" on YouTube:

The making of "The Three Of Us" podcast w./ Jake Green:

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